Let’s get a few things established up front with today’s post:

1.Most likely I’m about to get long winded.

2. Most likely you’re going to wish I would have put up a video of this content so that you could “read” today’s post while doing a myriad of other things… so that you then could feel about yourself for ingesting your daily dose of self-improvement. The truth is

3.I would have loved to just put up a sound bite clip of the profound words that are about to spill into this post… thereby fulfilling my promise I made yesterday of a daily post I could climb back into my bed content in knowing that at least for today the task of getting you something meaningful had been circumvented if not accomplished * Yes, I realize the paradox here get used to it its part of my style*

4. For me to do number 2 just to fulfill number 3 would have been unfair to both of us.

5. The existence of numbers 1-4; have likely established common ground in the sense that I really don’t feel like putting up a blog post today, you don’t’ feel like actually reading what I’ve written so….

6. With that in mind let’s talk about dedication. And finally

7. When the actual blog post that you don’t feel like reading and I don’t feel writing is complete you will be able to locate it here:


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