Having spent Years as a small scale inspirational speaker and minister, I quickly began to realize that often the culture of the inspirational speaking assignments I was accepting encouraged me to be inauthentic. I’ve spent hours from stage outlining the journey that has been my life. Now, at the age of thirty-nine, I find myself at a point where some people experience an existential crisis culturally is that defined as a midlife crisis. Alternatively I believe I am just starting a period of true enlightenment on my way to a sense of authenticity. One of the biggest thing that bothered me from stage was that in order to keep the calls coming and my career on track I had to present my journey as a success only journey.The truth is while there was much success; the road to that success was anything but smooth.  There were many periods of sorrow, pain anguish and depression.  These valleys as it were, were either glazed over or omitted entirely in the name of presenting a powerfully persuasive “you too can have this success” mentality.  While there will always be a place in society for this ultra positive outlook, after a few years it was no longer serving me well and i felt as though i was doing it an injustice to the crowd I was serving.  As an interesting paradox, whenever I was called upon to minister or evangelize and speak with regards to issues of the human spirit, I began to recognize my individual truth.  My physical body has betrayed me since birth.  I was blessed with a unique challenge in the form of Cerebral Palsy, and taught to believe that my brain was the only muscle that would never fail me. So what then is a person who has devoted their life to helping others reach their potential to do?  The answer is simple, return to and foster the only skills which I felt truly authentic in exercising out of that column is born the Able Spirit project.  Many people before me have written extensively on being present, the power of intention, and various other aspects of Spirituality.  So I began a journey of discovery, guided in large part by remarkable pioneers in spiritual thought, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle, and Dr. Brian Weiss.  As I surrounded myself with this enlightening material I have found a world when combined with my own spiritual perspective to be powerful, consuming, and challenging. I do not begin to claim to be as evolved as any of these mentors. However, I believe I have a calling to provide my perspective to the universe with out regard to ability.  As such, upon the death of my primary mentor a few years ago I received a spiritual call to action and will devote the rest of my life to providing tools which will allow anyone to challenge their beliefs, expand their horizons, and grow in the spirit. there by increasing individual empowerment.  This vision is still in its infancy but will include a series of books, multimedia presentations at and hopefully at some point a return to the speaking circuit, grounded in truth, authenticity, and unconditional love. Thank you for taking the time to locate my profile.  I look forward to you joining me on this journey.

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