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mere hours ago, the earth completed yet another revolution around the sun. In most societies, this marks the beginning of a new year. As 2017 begins, many of us will choose to begin a new adventure, will rededicate ourselves to an existing adventure, or hope to see a long-standing project come to some form of a conclusion. Often the challenge behind new adventure is nearly identical to continuing to work on projects that have been long-standing. New Year’s often causes us to examine our focus, reflect on where we been, decide where we are going in the best way to get there. In this spirit this blog begins marking a new chapter on a project I worked on for several years. Since I was a teenager I have recognized that I have a calling to change lives by sharing my own unique worldview. For many years, I have addressed this need to make a difference in the number of different ways. I spent close to two decades as a professional public speaker, have provided counseling and guidance in an informal setting to a number of people facing the most unique challenges you could think of, the number of years ago began work on a book intended to consolidate my life experience, the advice and lessons learned through hours of conversation, reading, listening to all nature of media; and most importantly mentally processing all of these experiences in order to obtain whatever pearls of wisdom I could gain from every experience I’ve ever had.

Life is all about perspective and everyone’s perspective is unique. As for me, this journey we call life began nearly 40 years ago, Life has been full of joy, pain, sorrow, laughter, tears, and celebration; often at the same time my physical existence is never been very kind to me I was born with cerebral palsy.  From the start my very existence was in peril. Born in 1977, They did not have the technology to keep a 2 /12 month premature infant alive. Thus, my first cycle began. My first struggle was to overcome the fact that I was in a Hurry to begin life, followed by a period of respiratory distress syndrome, brain damage, and a muscular system that does what it wants; when it wants. Pain in my physical body is a constant companion. My muscles are in a constant state pf tension. However even that isn’t consistent.  Cold, wind, moisture, body positioning and barometric tend to be my constant nemesis. Most days my physical state is unpredictable, challenging and a distinct blessing.

What…Wait… a blessing? How can that be? Daily pain greater than most could endure, life in a wheelchair in world that is built for the “normalâ€� people how could that be a blessing? I am fortunate enough to be alive despite odds stacked against me and have surrounded myself with people and influences that taught me from a young age that my mind is the only muscle that will not betray me.  That has led to a lifetime of transcending the physical out of necessity. As an adult that early lesson has served me well. I can be certain that life will continue, the only certainty is life is uncertain. However, challenge while constant is also motivational. Thanks to spiritual mentors many of which I will never meet, most notably Dr. Wayne W Dyer. Whose recent passing was a call to action for me (more on this in numerous future posts. Like me your mind is the most powerful tool you will ever have.   I commit to myself and to you to create a diverse platform of enlightenment. This blog, numerous books, extensive social media usage, and the cornerstone ablespirit.org let the journey begin. A cycle of positivity, and fulfilment. Let’s begin…

Wishing you unconditional love and light,



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